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Saturday, October 23, 2010

23 week of pregnancy

~::Assalamualaikum wbt::~

your baby’s changes this week

-Your baby weighs around 500 grams or ? kg this week and is just under 20 cm from its crown (head) to its little rump. It still looks like a little dolly but perhaps one with more skin than fat to fill it; sort of like having a size 000000 skin and a size 00000 body. This is because its skin is growing faster than its underlying fat can be laid down. You are entitled to some treats this week, as long as you remember they are for filling out the baby’s skin, not yours ok?

-Your baby is starting to form an important substance in its lungs, known as surfactant which will help its tiny alveoli to stay open when it is born. Think about the outer leaves on a tree and you’ll have mental image of the importance of these minute air pockets staying open so oxygen can pass through from the surrounding blood vessels. If a mother goes into premature labour, she will often have an injection of steroids to assist in the development of the baby’s surfactant.

-Your baby’s heart chambers and major blood vessels supplying the heart can all be seen on ultrasound this week. Although it is still very small, this major organ will grow along with the rest of your baby so that at birth, its heart is around the size of a walnut.

-Your baby can hear. Its ears are fully functioning by this stage of pregnancy and will react if there is a sudden, loud noise. A dog barking, door slamming, car backfiring will all make it jump. Its bones are hardening as well so remember to have a good intake of calcium everyday.

-Your baby can move all of its muscles this week and there is even more coordination and action going on in your tummy. You’ll have a sense that the baby is getting stronger and instead of little flutters which until recently, made you doubt you’d felt something, you’ll need no convincing this week.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


~::Assalamualaikum wbt::~

sepatutnya hari ni kena gi klinik.. wat BSP... dan esok jumpa doc utk review result darah hari ni..
namun, apakan daya... apa yang di rancang bukan selalu dapat di tepati..kite hanya boleh merancang, tapi DIA yang menentukan..

harapnya next week leh wat check up cam biasa..InsyaAllah

p/s: bb sgt aktif!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

22 weeks pregnancy

~::Assalamualaikum wbt::~

Week 22

minggu ni byk perubahan yang aku rase..terutamanya waktu malam..sakit belakang...sakit pinggang... tido mlm pon selau terjaga..perut pon rase makin tegang..
1 baju kurung dah kain rosak dowh.. tu la gagah sgt nk pakai kain tu..

bb dlm perut pon dah rase gerak2.. kdg2 kiri, kdg2 kanan...kdg2 bawah..tetibe je ade rase mcm org tumbuk..huk2
x sakit, tp cam geli2 je..:p

x sabar nk g klinik next week... nak tau perkembangan bb...

How Big is the Baby at 22 Weeks Pregnant?

Compared to your baby's first weeks of life, your baby at pregnancy week 22 is now a giant! At more 10.9 inches long your baby weighs over 15 ounces!

Your Baby's Growth and Development

Your baby continues to grow each and every day of your pregnancy week by week. His organs are developing and maturing during pregnancy week 22, as are his internal systems, including the digestive and reproductive system.

By this point in time, your baby's eyelids have formed and his eyebrows have already developed. Your baby should already have fingernails. By the time your baby is born, you may find he is already ready for his first nail trimming!

By week 22, your baby's organs are specializing in their functions. Your baby is also starting to show some unique features. If you were to peak inside the womb, you might notice your baby's first signs of teeth and his full lips.

Your Growth and Development

Your uterus may now be approximately 2 cm or almost 3/4 of an inch above your belly button. Your abdomen still isn't large enough to be an obstacle at 22 weeks pregnant, however you may find that your center of gravity has slightly shifted.

Changes in You

As your abdomen continues to grow at 22 weeks of pregnancy, you may start developing stretch marks. Some women start developing stretch marks early in their pregnancy, whereas others develop them only after the third trimester. An even smaller number of women never get any!

Typically more than half of all women will get stretch marks during their pregnancy. They may form on the breasts, inner thighs, waist and abdomen as your body expands to accommodate your growing baby. Typically stretch marks vary in color from white, to pink or purple and even dark brown depending on your skin color. Many women believe that religious application of lotion will prevent stretch marks from forming, but even the most enthusiastic moisturizer may find herself laden with stretch marks.

Whether or not you develop stretch marks is largely genetically determined. Check out your mother's belly. If she has a lot of stretch marks, chances are you will too. The good news is that most stretch marks do fade in the months following delivery. Even the most intense stretch marks become lighter after birth. Many women wear their stretch marks with pride, as a sign of the amazing feat they accomplished creating and carrying life for nine months.
Lotion and other moisturizers may not help with stretch marks, but they certainly will help your skin feel supple and help eliminate any itching you may be experiencing during pregnancy. Many women simply enjoy the process of applying lotions to their body during pregnancy.

For a wonderful line of pregnancy stretch mark creams, check out the collection from Belli Skincare. These products do not contain any harmful ingredients, so they are safe to use during pregnancy.

By pregnancy week 22 you might also start noticing that your belly button is starting to protrude. Most women's navel will protrude or pop out after about the 20th week of pregnancy. Don't worry, your belly button should return to normal after delivery.
While pregnancy often has many "ill effects", it also has many positive ones. Many women are complimented on their "glowing" complexion during pregnancy. The increasing amount of blood circulating through your body can result in a fuller face and flushed cheeks. Unfortunately, pregnancy also sometimes results in a problem that might remind you of your teenage years… acne. While some women will enjoy a glowing look and feel during pregnancy, others are plagued with breakouts on their arms, back, and face. This is largely due to the increasing levels of hormones circulating throughout your body.

Don't worry; these eruptions will subside some time after birth. In fact, some women find their acne clears up in the third trimester.

sources : click here

Sunday, October 10, 2010


~::Assalamualaikum wbt::~

cantik tarikh hari ini..tapi aku x de ape2 aktiviti yg boleh jadi ingatan pada tarikh ini..
sekarang sorang2 kat umah..:(

Hari ini semua orang tau majlis perkahwinan Datuk Dr.Sheikh Muszaffar Shukor dan Dr.Halina..Congrats to both of them..
Hari ini juga Datuk Sani (Owner Sani Express) dan isteri melansungkan perkahwinan mereka di Kuala Terengganu.. (ada kena mengena dgn aku ke??
Tahniah utk mereka!!
aktiviti hari ini, menonton tv shj..dari pagi layan kartun... sume housemates keluar menghadiri kenduri kendara.. aku?? lepak saja di rumah... nak balik kampung!! Uwwaaaaaaa

bb pon baik2 saja hari ini..x layan mummy pon!
10.10.10 juga adalah hari lahir my fav. English teacher Yong Boe Eng yang ke 50+

Happy Birthday Teacher!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

21weeks pregnancy..

~::Assalamualaikum wbt::~

Ntah ke berapa kali check up..seminggu sampai 3x kena pi klinik...normal kot utk bakal2 ibu yang bermasalah macam aku ni.. xlarat sungguh...
paling kesian kat adik aku la..awal2 pagi kena dtg amik aku n anatr pi klinik..
sampai dia ngadu selalu xleh bgn la, aku nk sampai klinik b4 kul 8 am.
check BP la, wat BSP la..

wat BSP paling x suke..sbb jari selalu kena cucuk...4x sehari..
dari kul 8 am, kul 10 am, kul 2 pm dan kul 8 pm.. last week masa wat BSP, x normal..
kalo puasa, kandungan gula dalam darah mesti < 5.5... masa x puasa kena < 6.5..
aku nye result masa puasa 5.8.. x normal la...kalo x puasa 6.1..
last week byk minum air manis kot...huhu

so, dis week doc suruh wat lagi...semalam aku wat BSP alhamdulillah normal..masa puasa kandungan gula 4.6 dan masa x puasa 5.1.. hari ni masa jumpa doc, dia ckp dah ok.. tapi lagi 2 minggu kena wat lg.. :(

jadi, kesimpulannya.. makan kena berpada2...jgn main hentam je ikut nafsu.. bykkan mkn mknn berkhasiat..byk makan sayur, buah dan mknn berserat.. gula seelok2nya x payah amik..bukan bermaksud x perlukan langsung, tapi kawal.. kalo makan nasik, x payah la minum manis sbbnya nasik pon nnti akan di tukar kpd glukosa..

masa g dgr ceramah diet, byk gak info2 yg dietician tu bagitau.. nnti ada masa aku citer,..
so next week x payah gi klinik dah...hoooraayyyyy!!

tapi lagi 2 minggu kena wat BSP...the next day jumpa doc dan ANC..
harap2 doc scan perut.. last week masa doc scan, berat bb dah 367 g.. dgr jantung dup dup dup... :)

x sabar nak tau jantina... en.suami dah sibuk pilih nama bb..